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Need a clear digital strategy?

The Internet has become part of everyone’s lives becoming a utility like electricity or water that we can’t seem to live without. Therefore it’s important for organisations to understand how they need to work in the digital world to drive growth. What is your digital strategy? How are they going to leverage the multiple digital channels available to you and make them work together to drive growth for your organisation?

We can work with you to analyse your business goals, the digital landscape as it affects your organisation and its audiences across multiple channels and how each can interact together to achieve your goals.

A structured approach

You.Agency’s approach is to fully understand the challenges you face and to define a strategy. It combines content strategy, User goals, Business goals, channels, available systems and Interactions that ultimately lead to a thoroughly developed digital strategy.

Together we define the ideal customer or buyer’s journey and what digital platforms will serve best to increase engagement and interaction to move the potential customer towards the purchase decision or call to action.

Digital Strategy phases include:
  • Identifying key business goals through requirements analysis
  • Defining customer goals through the development of user personas
  • Review of online content and structure
  • Outline key user journey mapping

Not ready for a strategy…how about a roadmap


A 2 day workshop will help your team discover how can help you fulfil key business objectives. Delivered at the your premises or our offices the workshop is built around a series of conversations designed to envision and produce a road map specific you, while building a foundation for a strategy and helping to identify how you can best leverage all aspects of existing or proposed systems.

We will facilitate the workshop and help provide focus, motivation and clarity on your digital aims. Following the workshop our consultants will prepare an executive report of the findings outlining the key digital objectives for the organisation

Digital Strategy :

In the fields of strategic management, marketing strategy and business strategy, digital strategy is the process of specifying an organization’s vision, goals, opportunities and related activities in order to maximize the business benefits of digital initiatives to the organization.
Wikipedia: 01.05.2015

Project Management :

We will manage your project in its entirety or support your staff to do so. Working as part of your team we ensure that we have buy-in and strong communication lines with everyone from the project sponsor and project team to the end users.

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