Business Anaylsis & Requirements


Requirements gathering is an essential part of any project. Understanding fully what a website will deliver and its goals is critical to its success. This may sound like common sense, but surprisingly it’s an area that is often given forgotten or given far too little attention.

Many websites start with the barest headline list of requirements, only to find later the needs have not been properly understood or reviewed.

One-way to avoid this problem is by producing a statement of work. This document is a guide to the main requirements of the project. It provides:

  • A detailed requirement specification each area/page/widget/function/integration.
  • Clear list of key objectives.
  • A description of the architecture.
  • Background information and references to other relevant material such as analytic’s or revenue.
  • Information on any constraints.

The contents of the statement of work should be stable or change relatively slowly under change management only.

Finally, ensure you have cross-referenced the requirements in the statement of work with goals and objectives of your digital strategy. This ensure you are meeting the business needs and it can also be used for post project analysis/metrics.


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Project Management :

We will manage your project in its entirety or support your staff to do so. Working as part of your team we ensure that we have buy-in and strong communication lines with everyone from the project sponsor and project team to the end users.

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Let’s have an initial chat about your business requirements by calling
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